Will A 'Catfish' Reunion Lead To More Warfare Between Jasmine And Mhissy?

Will Acatfishreunion Lead More Warfare Between Jasmine

If flint and steel are failing you as fire-starters, there are a couple of ' Catfish ' that are sure to start an inferno.

Way back on the show's first season, a young mother named Jasmine emailed Max Joseph and Nev Schulman to ask for help in clearing up her suspect online relationship with a man named Mike. The resulting investigation led to the show's first big blowout when a woman named Mhissy, whom Jasmine knew through a shared ex-boyfriend, admitted she'd faked the profile, and the confrontation that followed is still quite possibly the show's most explosive. Unsurprisingly, the girls swore they'd never speak to each other again, and they seemed to make good on that promise...

...until tonight.

As part of the 'Catfish: Where Are They Now?' special, Max -- who made a solo trip around the country to catch up with the show's most memorable personalities -- had the bright idea to encourage Mhissy and Jasmine to meet again, two years after the ladies nearly came to blows in the parking lot of Mhissy's apartment complex. In separate preceding conversations with Max, Jasmine explained that she never got an apology from Mhissy for the catfish's scheming, and Mhissy, who'd recently become a mother, said she never felt especially compelled to offer one. And in the video below, the tension between Jasmine and Mhissy is consequently tense...but will it lead to fireworks?

Check out the clip to see if these two can bury the hatchet or if they'll declare war once more, and hang tight for new 'Catfish' episodes later this summer!