Will Amy Get Dumped Now That Reagan Knows She's Kinda Been 'Faking It'?

Will Amy Get Dumped Now That Reagan Knows Shes Kinda Beenfaking It

There may be trouble in paradise for Reamy -- and it's all because the DJ overheard her girlfriend make a pretty damning admission about possibly ' Faking It .'

During tonight's episode of the hit show, Amy suggested that her BFF Karma (whose parents recently lost everything in a drug bust) take an open position at DJ/cater waiter Reagan 's catering company to rake in some extra moolah. And while on the job, K discovered that R's 'last ex dumped her for a boy and now she has zero tolerance for girls who are questioning their sexuality.' Sounds just like someone we all know and love -- aka Amy. Yikes!

Amy knew Reagan's history but thought it would be better to just go on pretending in order to protect their new relationship. But Karma, who forgave Amy for drunkenly hooking up with her beau Liam and is pretty familiar with where lying got A the last time she tried it, pushed her pal to spill the beans.

'How do I even begin?' Amy pondered during the late-night conversation with her BFF. ''Oh, by the way I'm sometimes attracted to guys?' 'Oh, and by the way I once slept with Liam!''

Turns out, Amy didn't have to worry about how she'd broach the subject: Reagan just happened to be right outside her girlfriend's bedroom window, and she heard every word.

Will the unveiled truth cause Reagan to pump the brakes on her romance with Amy? Will Amy try to continue faking an exclusive attraction to girls? And hey, why was Reagan eavesdropping on her girlfriend in the first place? Guess we'll see on the next Faking It, Monday at 9:30/8:30c!