Will Cameron And Shanley Make An Ex On The Beach Love Connection?

Will Cameron Shanley Make An Ex Beach Love Connection

Cameron is in a league of his own on the beach : The Are You the One? alum is the first ex (he was in paradise to surprise Taylor ) to have an unexpected visitor of the opposite sex. And it was none other than AYTO OG Shanley, who didn't have this reaction when she saw him:

Some history on Shameron: The pair met during Second Chances , but at the time, he was with his perfect match and girlfriend Mikala . Nevertheless, they developed a 'pretty good friendship' -- and when Mikameron split , romantic feelings were present for both parties. But Cam freaked out, fearing that if they took it a step further, it might fracture what they already had.

'I'm here to show him what he's missing,' Shanley proudly told Cam, host Romeo and singles Cory and Jasmine .

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And Cam was all about her honest talk (um, see that grin?)

'I've always had a crush on Shanley, ever since I met her,' he divulged in a separate interview. 'I love the tattoos, I love the way she carries herself. I mean, it could be #Shameron from here on out. We'll have to see.'

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An excited Cam told an equally ecstatic Shanley that he hadn't smooched anyone yet -- but that soon changed:

'Don't kiss me...we gotta split up, or we're gonna get voted off!' a drunk tipsy Shanley told him.

But could this be the start of the relationship both of them say they want? Or will paradise tear them apart? Vote below, offer your take on their connection and don't miss Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 9/8c!