Will Hanna Die On Pretty Little Liars? New Season 7 Trailer Looks Ominous

Will Hanna Die Pretty Little Liars

The race to save Hanna is on when Pretty Little Liars returns with its seventh season on Tuesday, June 21 -- and the clock is ticking. The remaining Liars, and those adjacent to the madness, only have 24 hours to rescue Hanna from A.D. (a.k.a. Uber A) before the enigmatic villain pulls the plug on the entire search and rescue mission.

Judging from the newest trailer posted by the Freeform show's official Twitter account, the Liars might not make it to Hanna in time. In the midst of their frantic search, they get a text from A.D. that reads, 'The bell tolls for Hanna.' And that's when they all look up at the church tower... someone -- a blond someone -- is seen hanging from the rafters. Oh. My. God.


Is it Hanna? Or could it be someone else? After all, this wouldn't be the first time a character has donned a blonde wig to pull a red herring. But the thing that really has us concerned is the grave the Liars are digging in the Season 7 promo. What did the Liars do this time? And more importantly, why is Emily crying, 'There has to be another way?'

Girl, you've been at this for seven years already. You know there is no other way. Smh.