Will Leuh And Justin Be The First Catfish Couple To Walk Down The Aisle?

Will Leuh Justin Be First Catfish Couple Walk Down Aisle

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No Catfish couple has ever said 'I do' (Lauren and Derek became engaged but then decided to part ways ) -- but could Leuh and Justin become the first married pair to emerge from the long-running MTV series?

Let's evaluate this happily-ever-after tale: Leuh contacted Nev and Max because she needed to meet her 'perfect guy' Justin after years of solely communicating on the phone. The duo met two years ago on Instagram -- and the 19-year-old admitted that she was picking her college in order to move across the country to be closer to him (she was in upstate New York while he lived in southern California). But, like most people who need the detectives' help, there were some warning signs courtesy of Justin: No video chat, bailing on a visit after she flew to his hometown to tour schools, the whole works.

While the New Yorker felt confident that her longtime crush was who he said he was, the MTV duo needed a bit more convincing while applying their sleuthing methods. But when they cranked open the laptops and utilized their trusty skills, they made a complete 180 -- and even Max declared that someone 'never checked out so easily.'

But it wasn't all coming up roses: His friend Todd, who Justin had mentioned to Leuh and confirmed his buddy was the real deal, told Nev and Max that he had never heard of Leuh. There was also another girl (named Jamie) who the guys found on Justin's Facebook account who apparently had a similar relationship with Justin (meeting on Instagram, feelings more than just being friends) and admitted that this news about Leuh was a 'gut punch.'

After Nev and Max presented the facts, Leuh wanted answers -- but Justin wasn't exactly willing to come forward. Nev tried, but failed, to convince Justin to meet Leah face-to-face. Eventually, the trio made the decision to just fly to the Golden State and go directly to his house because they had his address. When they did, his father answered the door -- and while he remarked that Leuh was very pretty, he claimed that his son had never mentioned her. Texts to Justin went unanswered, but fortunately the next day, Todd provided an exact location for Justin at the beach -- and lo and behold, they were able to ambush him in the sand.

Why the apprehension to finally meet Leuh? He claimed that he 'didn't want to do the show' because he believed it was in their best interest to handle this initial introduction differently. When he finally opened up, he explained his behavior: The reason he bailed on her when she traveled so far was because he was in a relationship at the time and his aforementioned friend Jamie was merely just that. He also clarified that he was currently single.

When Leuh and Justin finally made their way to chat privately, he claimed that they would 'get it all figured out once at the wedding.' And the nuptials chatter continued: During the catch-up, Justin said that Nev and Max would get an invitation to their future milestone event.

'You guys would be the first Catfish wedding -- we're always hoping for it,' Nev declared.

But do you think the pair can go the distance and become husband and wife? Leuh is moving to California to be closer to Justin, and it seems as if they're on a serious track. But Justin has mysteriously stopped communicating with Leuh in the past -- so could he do it again? Share your theories, and be sure to keep watching Catfish on Wednesdays at 10/9c!