Will Poulter Is Definitely Not Who We Expected To Be Playing Pennywise In The 'It' Remake

Will Poulter Is Definitely Not Who We Expected Be Playing Pennywise Theitremake

In news that we were in no way expecting to hear ever, Will Poulter -- our number two bae from 'The Maze Runner' -- has been cast as Pennywise the clown in Cary Fukunaga's film adaptation of Stephen King's 'It.'

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Per Variety , Poulter, 22, is currently in talks to take on the role of the sewer-dwelling monster who lures in children disguised as a creepy clown. Oh, and then he EATS THEM because we don't have enough reasons to be afraid of clowns. Seriously. Look at this s--t:

Fukunaga's 'It' will be split into two feature films, with one movie focusing on the protagonists as kids and another focusing on them as adults. Poulter will appear in both films. And to think we just got over the emotional trauma of watching Tim Curry's amazingly terrifying performance as Pennywise in the 1990 'It' miniseries. (We still can't walk past sewer drains alone.)

It's a interesting casting decision for Fukunaga and New Line, who first considered older actors Mark Rylance and Ben Mendelsohn for the menacing part. But it was Poulter who reportedly blew them away with his audition, which isn't surprising because bae is talented.

Not to mention Poulter has specialized in playing characters with questionable morals -- from 'The Maze Runner' to the upcoming drama 'The Revenant' starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Still, imagining Poulter as Pennywise is already starting to freak us out. On one hand, he's considerably hotter than we previously imagined. That's definitely a plus. But he's still a scary effing clown who eats children with his razor-sharp teeth. So, yeah.

Nope. Brb, hyperventilating forever.

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