Will Rihanna And Selena Gomez's New Extra-Long Hair Catch On?

Will Rihanna Selena Gomezs New Extra Long Hair Catch

We haven't seen much of Rihanna in the past few weeks—it's been a dark time, TBH—but she resurfaced on Thursday night (Dec. 10) on the red carpet for her 2nd Annual Diamond Ball. Of course, as host, all eyes were on Rih, so she went all out. (Though, LBR, she pretty much always does.)

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At first glance, her cream Dior Couture gown demands a lot of attention, but it was her hair that really made our jaws drop. Yes, she returned to black hair from her most recent blue shade, but more surprising was what she revealed when she turned around.

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UM. YEA. Her hair is so long it's almost down to her butt! Last we saw of Rih she had a bob with bangs , so needless to say, a lot has changed in our time apart. We can't say we're completely surprised, though—really long hair has started popping up again.

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Most recently, Selena Gomez has been sporting glossy, hip-length locks. Does this mean we're finally moving away from the ~ short hair, don't care ~ trend of the past few years? While Selena and Rihanna have achieved their impressive length thanks to extensions, the new look is undoubtedly going to have many women rethinking their desire for a major chop.

Though Rih frequently changes her hair up, we wouldn't be surprised if this look stuck around for a while -- it's hard to part with hair that long, y'know?