Will Vanessa Minnillo's Career Fall Victim to Lindsay Lohan Knife Pictures?

Will Vanessa Minnillos Career Fall Victim Lindsay Lohan Knife Pictures

When these pictures of Lindsay Lohan posing with a friend and a large knife hit the Internet late last week, people were disturbed and outraged with Lindsay's behavior ... but what about the friend's? She looks a lot like former TRL host and Nick Lachey girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, people said. So why was Lindsay taking all the heat? Today, Page Six confirmed that the pictures, taken last summer, were in fact of Minnillo, and that perhaps she's not quite the all-American sweetheart she'd like her fans to see her as. With Lindsay safely in rehab, Vanessa will have to weather this storm alone.

The beauty is gaining a bad rep in the TV industry for her diva-like behavior at work and hard partying outside the studio.

When producers flew her to Los Angeles to cover the Grammys, She was extremely high maintenance, said one source. She insisted they fly her own hair and makeup people and her personal assistant out with her every time she flew to L.A. She only flew first class and stayed at the Four Seasons, and then she didn’t want to work. Vanessa wants to be a celebrity, not interview them.'

There's been no formal statement about the pics from Minnillo's camp, although friends say she regrets taking them . But Vanessa's not hiding out -- she was spotted going out to dinner with boy-toy Lachey just last night.

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