#WinterStormJonas: Expect A Lot Of Snow, Not A Jonas Brothers Reunion

Winterstormjonas Expect Lot Snow

A winter storm named Jonas is about to slam parts of the East Coast, reports The Weather Channel .

When the hashtag #WinterStormJonas first started circulating on social media, it immediately created some buzz around everyone's fave bros -- Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas, of course. A reunion? A new song from Nick? Nope, just a lot of snow and strong winds that will affect the the Northeast. Sorry to disappoint.

documentário da bomba cereja de tyler, o criador
https://twitter.com/kevinjonas/status/689547225324732420 https://twitter.com/joejonas/status/689576314735501313

Even though it has nothing to do with the Jonas Brothers , fans everywhere are seizing the opportunity to pull out the best lyric puns, sassy remarks and GIFs to make the best of the storm and to cope with the Jo Bros' continued separation.