'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Special Left Co-Star 'Addicted To Selena Gomez'

Wizards Waverly Placespecial Left Co Staraddicted Selena Gomez

Get your magic wands all waxed up. Why? Well, Selena Gomez casts one more spell as Alex Russo in the brand-new 'Wizards of Waverly Place' special, 'The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex,' airing March 15.

Friday's flick follows Alex and the Russos to Italy, where they plan on attending a family reunion in Tuscany. But, before they can fly the friendly skies to the motherland, Alex casts a spell that welcomes her evil twin into the world. Antics ensue, and in the end, viewers are left to wonder if good Alex can overcome the bad one, and save the world.

The Disney movie welcomes back all the usual suspects from the series, but also introduces 'Awkward.' star Beau Mirchoff to the coven. Beau's rather bewitching bad boy, Dominic, has only the worst intentions for the Russos... and all of humanity.

'Who wouldn't want to play an evil wizard? I thought that sounded so much fun, and I was really happy to do it,' the MTV star told MTV News about joining on for the series' swan song. 'Everyone was super sweet and really creative and just fun all around.'

Mirchoff may have moved into 'Waverly Place' years after Gomez and her crew had inhabited it, but he certainly wasn't treated like a newbie on set. 'It was actually very easy. They were super cordial, very sweet. You can just tell they were happy to be there. They all agreed to get back together and Selena was kind of the one who instigated the whole reunion thing and they just were happy to be there. And they were very nice to me,' he recalled. 'And I was a little nervous, uncertain, how it was going to go. It was really fun.'

Ahead of hitting the set, Mirchoff had to study up on the show, which debuted on the Mouse House back in 2007 and ended its run last year . And despite not necessarily being the show's key demographic, he found viewings of the sitcom to be, well, magical.

'I wasn't too familiar. I had obviously heard of the show. My sister was actually a big fan. I watched a whole bunch of episodes... and the show's really funny. I ended up watching them a whole bunch. I absolutely did get addicted to Selena Gomez,' he joked.

The special airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on Disney, the same day that Gomez's NSFW flick, 'Spring Breakers,' opens in limited release. And while Gomez is doing something completely different in 'Spring Breakers,' fans should just expect the 'Wizards' special to stick to the formula, but kicked up a few notches.

'It's kind of 'Wizards of Waverly Place' bigger and better than ever, there's a lot of special effects and epic storylines and a lot happens,' he teased. 'It's really funny and it's also a little dramatic. I think fans have a lot to look forward to.'

Will you be tuning in? Share your predictions for the flick in the comments!