Women Working In Games: G4's Morgan Webb Talks 'X-Play' And Being A Pin-Up

Women Working Games

As a female gamer myself, lately I've been thinking a lot about women in the gaming industry.

And it's not just me. Other people have been discussing the topic during the past few weeks.

From extreme and public cases, such as the special week-long Multiplayer series , I'll be publishing an interview with a different woman every day. From journalists to developers to publicists, these women told me about their personal experiences. Had they encountered sexism in this predominantly male industry? Is the gaming industry an environment where women can thrive? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a female in this field?

One woman that first came to my mind was G4's Morgan Webb . As the co-host of the video game program ' X-Play ,' she's a highly visible woman in gaming, and last week she gave me an honest interview over the phone. Here's an excerpt, where she answers my question about the negative attention some women gamers get, particularly on the Internet:

Webb: I do not read fan e-mail because 0.1 percent of people ruin it for everybody, and I don't read forums because 0.1 percent of people ruin it for everybody. And it would be really great if I could go on a forum and talk to people who like the show and talk about games, but I can't because there's some 14 year-old jerk somewhere who just wants to be an idiot and try and get attention.

Make the jump to read more of Ms. Webb's candid responses about posing for Maxim , Jade Raymond, and why the world doesn't really need more women playing games...

Morgan Webb is the co-host and senior segment producer of the video game review show ' Jane Pinckard , 'Assassin's Creed''s Elspeth Tory ,'Sex in Video Games' author Brenda Brathwaite and Sega PR's Tali Fischer .