The Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator Turns Justin Bieber Into 'Unlucky Contender'

Wu Tang Clan Name Generator Turns Justin Bieber Intounlucky Contender

There are plenty of reasons why the Wu-Tang Clan is the greatest hip-hop collective in the history of the genre. Their beats (mainly programmed by mastermind the RZA) are totally sick, their microphone skills are always on point (even the weakest members of the Clan are top-shelf spitters) and their use of imagery and pop culture make them a cultural force that has allowed them to infiltrate just about every corner of the entertainment industry.

But when you get right down to it, their nicknames certainly don't hurt them either. The main members of the Wu-Tang Clan have some of the greatest rap names ever put together, most of them simultaneously explaining exactly who that person is and also creating an air of mystery. When you hear the name Raekwon the Chef or Ghostface Killah, you know exactly what you're going to get from either one of those individuals. Not everybody can have as cool a moniker as Method Man or U-God — until now. In its infinite wisdom, the Internet has provided us with the Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator , which turns your boring, non-hardcore name into a mystical moniker.

The MTV News staff is about to get a little more interesting. Rock editor James Montgomery is now Foolish Lover. Pop writer Jocelyn Vena will henceforth be known as X-cessive Bandit. Rock writer Gil Kaufman? He's now Pesty Conqueror. And if you want to get in touch with writer Eric Ditzian, from now on you're going to have to ask for Annoyin' Swami. (Apparently, I am now X-pert Watcher, which honestly sounds a little creepy.)

In case anybody else in the music world is curious, here are their new Wu-Tang names.

Justin Bieber : 'Unlucky Contender'

Adam Lambert : 'Midnight Worlock'

Ke$ha : 'Amateur Warrior'

Crystal Bowersox : 'Drunken Overlord'

Lady Gaga : 'Bittah Warrior'

Kris Allen : 'Vulgar Genius'

What's your Wu-Tang name? Let us know in the comments!