'X-Men: First Class' Actor Lucas Till Explains Havok's Powers And 'Dark Side'

X Men First Classactor Lucas Till Explains Havoks Powers Anddark Side

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Actor Lucas Till has always been a fan of Marvel's mutants, which is why he was so excited to talk about the X-Men: First Class mutant he's bringing to the screen, Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havok.

Speaking to IGN , Till said his character has never been able to control his power, and relies on an external device to focus his abilities — much like Cyclops' visor.

In the comics he has a suit that absorbs excess energy but it was more like a meter that would tell him how much power he has,' he explained. 'Whereas in this one I have something that channels it because I can't control it myself. So I have a chest-piece that focuses the ray so I don't blow my team-mates up.

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Not blowing up your teammates is a good thing — but Till revealed that Havok isn’t always so powerful.

They gave us a lot of comics for research and there's actually one comic where Alex is talking about being nothing without his power, because once he drains the power, it's gone, that's it, the actor said. It takes like half a day to recharge if he drains it all.

When asked if Havok has a dark side, Till used a scene from the film as evidence of the threat his character poses to the people around him.

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When Havok first discovers his power in this one it's because his foster sister has been kidnapped by a bully and who is threatening her with death and all of a sudden he comes out and kills this guy, he said.

He's a guy who likes a fight, but also, he doesn't want that much of a fight, he continued. He doesn't want to accidentally kill people, and that's something he's always got to deal with. He likes the power but he doesn't like the lack of control he has over his ability.

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