'X-Men: First Class' Casting Update: Mystique, Kevin Bacon, And Aaron Johnson (Again)

X Men First Classcasting Update

The cast of characters converging upon ' X-Men: First Class ' continues to grow, as the shape-shifting supervillain known as Mystique is joining the mutant flock.

James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. The 19-year-old actress joins an increasingly youthful lineup of actors including Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Alice Eve as Emma Frost and Caleb Landry Jones as Sean Cassidy.

In joining 'First Class' as Mystique, Lawrence beats out previously rumored candidate Amber Heard for the role. But Lawrence isn't the only actor potentially joining the film...

Interestingly, Heat Vision includes ' Kick-Ass ' star Aaron Johnson's name amongst the 'X-Men: First Class' cast, adding a new voice to the conflicting reports regarding Johnson's place in the film. Some sources have reported that Johnson would play Cyclops in the Matthew Vaughn -directed movie, while others have stated the 'Kick-Ass' star won't appear in 'First Class' at all.

In addition to Lawrence's casting and Johnson's possible enrollment, Kevin Bacon has finalized his deal with 20th Century Fox to play the villain in 'X-Men: First Class.' His role remains tightly under wraps, though we've offered some of our own theories in a recent Secret Identity column . Will Bacon play the devious Mister Sinister, the time-traveling criminal Trevor Fitzroy, the mutant-hating Graydon Creed or someone else entirely? With Comic-Con just one week away, answers are sure to come before too much longer.

What do you think of Lawrence's casting? Do you think Johnson will end up playing Cyclops? Who is Bacon going to play? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section and on Twitter !