X-Men Spinoff The New Mutants Will Be A Straight-Up Horror Movie

X Men Spinoff New Mutants Will Be Straight Up Horror Movie

The New Mutants is going to be a superhero film unlike others. Or at least, an X-Men film unlike any other. According to director Josh Boone, forget the costumes and the supervillains. It's going to be a 'full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe,' he told EW .

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Boone, a lifelong Marvel Comics fan, credits Stephen King as a huge influence on the script, which he co-penned with his best friend Knate Lee.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams are currently attached to the X-Men spin-off movie as young mutants Magik and Wolfsbane, respectively. Magik is a sorceress who has the power to teleport through time and space, while Wolfsbane is able to transform into a — yep, you guessed it — wolf. This elevates her senses and healing abilities, so like X-23, she's a tiny badass.

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The film will follow a group of teenage mutants who have to 'battle the dangers of their powers,' which are at a volatile state during adolescence. 'They aren't out to save the world,' reports EW . 'They're just trying to save themselves.'

Joining Magik and Wolfsbane in comics versions of The New Mutants are typically Moonstar, Sunspot, Cannonball, and Warlock. 13 Reasons Why star Henry Zaga is reportedly circling the role of Sunspot. (The character is also Brazilian in the comics, so clearly Fox is taking casting seriously.) EW also reports that Marvel TV star Rosario Dawson is currently in talks as well for the role of Cecilia Reyes, M.D., the Professor X of The New Mutants .