'X-Men' Star Evan Peters 'Was Way Too Excited' To Play Quicksilver

X Menstar Evan Peterswas Way Too Excitedto Play Quicksilver

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

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Based on first looks alone, few people would have picked Quicksilver as the breakout character of ' X-Men: Days of Future Past .' But here we are.

Director Bryan Singer 's return to the 'X-Men' franchise includes what is easily the most unique and whimsical action scene in the entire series — a sequence where Quicksilver, the quick-footed and quick-witted speedster played by Evan Peters , races through a Pentagon kitchen and disarms a group of soldiers, all in an effort to save mutant allies Wolverine, Magneto and Xavier.

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The slow-motion sequence has received rave reviews for originality and style, and Peters himself is just as impressed as anybody.

'I was completely taken off guard by it,' Peters told MTV News. 'By how [Singer] shot that thing… it turned out really well. I'm very happy with it.'

The scene required a lot of work, including motion-capture and repeated takes — 'a lot, and a lot, and a lot' of takes, according to Peters. But it was all worth it for the actor, who relished the chance to play one of the surprise hits of the new 'X-Men' sequel.

'At first, I was playing it over the top,' Peters said. 'Bryan was like, 'Hey, chill out. Take it easy.' I was way too excited to be in an 'X-Men' movie!'

The excitement doesn't end with 'Days of Future Past.' There's another 'X-Men' movie, 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' on the horizon, and it's expected that Peters will return as Quicksilver . As for what the future holds? Comic book fans might have the answer; in the comics, Quicksilver is revealed as Magneto's son.

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'It's definitely in there,' Peters teased when asked if the Quicksilver-Magneto connection exists in 'Days of Future Past.' 'There's a very subtle line that the fans should pick up on.'

'Days of Future Past' is in theaters now.