YG Joins A Mariachi Band In Colorful 'Go Loko' Video With Tyga And Jon Z

Yg Joins Mariachi Band Colorfulgo Lokovideo With Tyga

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YG has unveiled a new collaboration influenced by Latinx culture in Southern California. It's the sensual and snazzy song 'Go Loko,' featuring Tyga and Jon Z . It comes with a music video that is rife with lowriders, horses, and a beautiful mariachi band.


'Go Loko' leans earnestly into a distinctly Latinx-inspired sound: A chorus of tantalizing guitars ripples on the backend, while a vihuela cuts the sound with sharp precision and a guitarrón sets the song's tension throughout. As 'Go Loko' glides through its five-minute runtime, the guitars are playful, weaving in and out of each other's designated flight paths. The result raises goosebumps and pays homage to the masterfully intricate phenomenon of live mariachi music. Tyga delivers a chorus that is notably more delicate than his solo cuts, while Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z keeps things hot and heavy with a vicious 16 in Spanish that brings a balance to the track.

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As for the visual, consider it an an invitation to a kickback, during which YG steps out of the frame, intent on letting the Latinx extras tell their stories through their actions. At one point, the rapper also joins a mariachi band clad in black, but he himself is wearing a striking red suit. The video also features both the Mexican and Puerto Rican flags on full display, as well as lowriders, baby hairs, and other signifiers of cholx culture.

'Go Loko' will appear on YG's forthcoming album, 4REAL 4 REAL , that was supposed to come out Friday (May 3) but has reportedly been pushed back. He released 'Stop Snitchin' last month. Check out the fun, colorful 'Go Loko' video above.