You Can Now Text In All Drake Quotes Thanks To The Drizzy Keyboard App

You Can Now Text All Drake Quotes Thanks Drizzy Keyboard App

You can hit your friends with a little emoji or the boring old lol texts, sure, but now you can also reach them with nothing but Drake lyrics.

Drizzy, which is available through Apple’s App Store, brings Drake’s rhymes to your keyboard. So when someone's going wild, you can hit them with a 'WORST' and when you're getting hated on, you can tell your crew that naysayers are screaming out your failures and whispering your accomplishments.

Oh, and if you're really about it, you can tell your doubters what time it is directly using this Drizzy line: 'I be hearing the sh-t you say through the grapevine.' Of course, there's also the 'act your age' rhyme that likely ruffled Tyga's feathers .

You can pick rhymes from different categories, including Feels, Hustle, Hate, and Random.


The app, which was made by Luc Succes and Regy Perlera, also allows you to share Drake's songs with your friends via Spotify. That way, people know where you got that clever line from.

People are already finding ways to use this app.

Since the demand's gone way, way, way up, developers had some problems that needed to be fixed.

Now that things are back in order for them, the app's actually a trending search in the app store.

Drake hasn't commented on the app yet and it's unclear if he's involved.

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Guess the app developers figured that if you run out of words to use, you can just let Drizzy speak for you.