You Might Want To Be Nicki Minaj's BFF, But These Girls Actually Are

You Might Want Be Nicki Minajs Bff

Nicki Minaj may be one of the biggest stars in music, but she's still got love for the people that were around when everyone just knew her as Onika.

'These r the loves of my life. There's literally nothing I wouldn't do for them,' Nicki captioned a photo on Instagram on Wednesday morning (July 15), posing with @titibabi_ and @spoonfulofsass . But who are these loves -- the people behind the Instagram handles?

Some online digging reveals the lucky ladies to be two of Nic's longtime friends, Tyesha Kollore (aka TT) and Thembi Banks.

Let's get to know them a little.

  • Nicki says she would do anything for them
  • They give her words of wisdom

    She captioned this photo: 'They're soooooo pretty😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 that's what best friends are for. To make u feel amazinggggg. They gave me the best words of wisdom today. In between all the ratchet stuff. 😩. They be ready to beat a btch or n---a ass for me 😂 love my babies so much. @titibabi_ @spoonfulofsass couldn't function without them.'

  • She shouted them out on 'Champion'

    'This is for the hood, this is for the kids/ This is for the single mothers, n---as doing bids/ This one is for TT, Tweety, Viola, Sharika, Candace, Thembi, Lauren, Iesha,' she rapped.

  • Thembi calls Nicki 'Cookie'

    'Me and Cookie! 😘😘😍😍,' she wrote with this photo.

  • And she's posted some #TBTs of the two of them
  • Tyesha has a twin sister, Iesha, who's also one of Nicki's BFFs
  • And Nicki gives 'em yearly birthday shoutouts online

    She wrote: 'Happy Birthday to my beautiful best friend Tyesha (TT) @ttmilz most sincere person I've ever met. Friends for over 20 years. Yall can keep the industry new comers. I'll take the real deal. The ones who've been here from the beginning and never left. my other BFF (they're twins) @ikolloredezil started as my play mother in elementary school. Lol! Love u Iesha! You're everything a person could ask for In a friend. God bless u both. 😃🎁🍰🍥🎂🎉🍧🍨🎊🍦'

  • In Nicki's 'My Time: Again' MTV documentary, the three of them played cards with TT and Iesha's grandmother

    Nicki and grandma were partners. It starts around the 23-minute mark.

  • Thembi interviewed Nicki for in 2010

    You can read it here .

  • Basically, Nicki's been friends with them for decades... Giphy

    ...But that doesn't mean you should give up on trying to be her best friend. I believe in you.