You Probably Never Noticed Austin Butler On 41 Episodes Of Ned’s Declassified

You Probably Never Noticed Austin Butler 41 Episodes Ned S Declassified

Before Austin Butler was Jamie Lynn Spears's TV boyfriend on Zoey 101 (and Wil Ohmsford on MTV's The Shannara Chronicles ) he was part of another popular 2000s Nickelodeon show: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide .

According to IMDb , Butler appeared in 41 of the 55 episodes — which is the exact same amount as Coconut Head ( Rob Pinkston ). Except, everyone remembers Coconut Head and his coconuthead-ness, but what about Butler? You're drawing a blank, right? Well, there are two main reasons you can't recall him on the show:

1. His character Zippy Brewster was uncredited.

2. He was almost always floating in the background.

  • Remember when Ned ( Devon Werkheiser ) and Moze ( Lindsey Shaw ) played Spin the Bottle? Well, Zippy was there. Nickelodeon
  • He was also in Moze's Music Appreciation class. Nickelodeon
  • And entered classrooms with Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) Nickelodeon
  • He participated in luaus Nickelodeon
  • Best of all, Zippy pulled through when Moze needed a bunch of doves to spice up her kiss with Faymen (Vinicius Machado). Nickelodeon