You Probably Want To Skip A Day To Remember's 'End Of Me' Video If You've Got Unresolved Daddy Issues

You Probably Want Skip Day Remembers End Mevideo If Youve Got Unresolved Daddy Issues

It's a good thing A Day To Remember waited a week to release their new video for 'End Of Me.' Otherwise it might've made for some seriously awkward Father's Day discussions.

The video, directed by Shane Drake ( Fall Out Boy , Panic! At The Disco ), is a rather bleak meditation on the relationship between a teenage boy and his indifferent, emotionally distant father, which reminds me, I've got to go think about some things for a while, I'll be right back. :(

Anyway! Right, the video. We follow the boy as he labors to scrub a staircase clean like the cutest little metalcore Cinderella, and picks up after his regularly passed out father. An older sister packs her bags and gets out, something the boy can't do. Instead he's trapped in the prison of his own home, a point that's made pretty clear by his scratching X's on the walls and freaking out. As the slowly unfolding power-ballad screeches to its inevitable crescendo, the boy takes out his building frustration on his room with a baseball bat.

'You know me all too well/ And I can't suppress the memories,' Jeremy McKinnon sings, kind of making me miss the goofy, slapstick sense of humor the band showed off in their last video from Common Courtesy , 'Right Back At It Again.' Then again, we've always known these guys have enough heart to reveal their softer side and tackle the serious stuff, too.

A Day To Remember kick off their Parks & Devastation tour with Bring Me The Horizon and Chiodos in September.

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