You’ve Been Singing The Drake & Josh Theme Song Wrong For Years

You Ve Been Singing Drake Josh Song Wrong

Guys, I don't know how to break this to you, but you've been living a lie since 2004. After Drake Bell 's song ' I Found a Way ' (from his debut album Telegraph ) became the theme for Drake & Josh, , kids have been singing the jam in their sleep — except they've been singing it incorrectly.

Spot the error in this lyric: 'If you open up your mind, see what's inside / It's gonna take some time, to realize.' Can't find it? According to Bell himself, it should be 'realign,' not 'realize.' He set the record straight on Saturday when a fan tweeted him the lyrics.

Of course, while we may have messed up this one part of the song, at least we didn't completely butcher it like John Stamos did during his RV road trip with Josh Peck . So, there's that.