Young Kylie Jenner Had Some Harsh Words About Kendall's Modeling Dreams

Young Kylie Jenner Had Some Harsh Words About Kendalls Modeling Dreams

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By now we all know Kendall Jenner as a supermodel. She's the face of Calvin Klein , best friends with Balmain's Olivier Rousteing , and has shown up on every major runway. Luckily for us, her youth was captured on-camera for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and we've gotten to see her rise to model stardom. Even better, the folks over at E! have unearthed a clip of 14-year-old Kendall explaining to her parents that she wants to model, much to Kylie 's chagrin.

In the clip, Kendall hands her mom a book of photos she's had taken of herself and says that she's wanted to be a model since she was seven. Kylie was not pleased. When Kris suggests that Kendall resembles big sister Kim in one picture, Kylie interjects, 'Kendall does not look like Kim!'

She wasn't done there either. 'If you want to help her model, you can help her model. But it's just gonna get to her head, and all of us are gonna be in her little throne path and listening to her,' Kylie said to her mom as Kendall smiled and nodded. 'We're gonna be like, 'Oh my god, you're right! You're like the coolest person in the family because you model when you're 14!'

It's been over five years since then and a lot has changed. For instance, Kylie herself is also modeling some but is a lot more deferential to Kendall's skills now.