Young Troy Bolton From High School Musical 3 Looks All Grown Up At Prom

Young Troy Bolton From High School Musical 3 Looks All Grown Up Prom

The final High School Musical installment — until the fourth one premieres, that is — turns 10 next year. In case you didn't already feel ancient from seeing Jessie stars Cameron Boyce and Karan Brar graduate high school , perhaps seeing the prom pics of Young Troy Bolton from High School Musical 3 will do the trick.

Back in 2008, Skyler Johnson played Zac Efron 's mini-me in the 'Boys Are Back' dance number ( you know the one ). Along with Niua Tuita (Young Chad Danforth), Johnson danced his heart out in the film before Efron and Corbin Bleu jumped back onscreen to finish out the sequence.

But this year, he's turning 19 — and in May, he attended prom. Johnson retweeted side-by-side comparison pics on his Twitter account this week.

Johnson presumably will attend (or is already attending) Brigham Young University, a.k.a. BYU, based on his multiple tweets and retweets about the Utah school. Though he hasn't acted since 2013 , his friends can't seem to stop giving him a hard time about playing a young Zac Efron — which is how it totally should be.

I don't know about you, but I'd pay good money to see Johnson and Tuita reenact 'The Boys Are Back' next year, in honor of High School Musical 3 's 10th anniversary. Just saying.