You're About To Fall In Love With Wiz Khalifa's Dog Vincent

Youre About Fall Love With Wiz Khalifas Dog Vincent

HARTFORD, Connecticut -- Everyone has their role on tour. You've got the manager, the band, the merch guy, the assistant, the rapper himself. And when you're lucky, you've got a little something extra.

That, my friends, is where we meet Vincent.

Vincent -- who you can follow on Instagram at @TheAmazingLifeOfVincent -- is Wiz Khalifa 's just-over-one-year-old French Bulldog. And the Instagram handle is no lie: He's amazing and so is his life.

On Friday, MTV News headed to the Xfinity Center in Hartford to catch up with Wiz, Fall Out Boy and the rest of the Boys of Zummer tour crew, and we ended up getting a lot more than we bargained for. In addition to interviewing Wiz and getting a little taste of life on the road, I also got to know Vincent.

We met on the tour bus, where the interview with his poppa went down. After that, we hit some grassy terrain right by the parking lot for games and general shenanigans. Then, a few hours later, right before it was time to hit the stage, Wiz and Vincent migrated to the dressing room, lit some incense (and something else), turned on a Bruce Lee movie with the sound off, blasted some soulful jams, and vibed out.

Here's a taste of the adorable pup.

  • Just being best buds Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • Now it's time to play Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • Get after it, Vincent Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • Call him Air Vincent Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • A little tired after all that Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • But not enough to resist some tickling Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • Trying to steal the ball from DJ Drama Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • And trying to chase it after it rolled under the bus Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • OK, you've had enough, time to go back inside Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • But who can resist THAT FACE? Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • Finally, a chance to relax Adam Fleischer/MTV
  • Anddddd nap time Adam Fleischer/MTV