Yungblud Wants His New Album To Be Like An Episode Of Euphoria

Yungblud Wants His New Album Be Like An Episode Euphoria

In the two years since Yungblud 's debut album, 21st Century Liability , dropped, the wild-haired, punk-infused artist born Dominic Harrison has made a point to turn his live shows into full-bodied community spectacles where everyone is a participant. There's sweat, screaming, and, above all else, the collective release of a group going through something together.

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But even as 2020 has made those kinds of experiences impossible, Yungblud has looked to recapture that spirit and distill the intense energy into his second LP. Ahead of the 2020 VMAs , where Dom is nominated (dominated?) for PUSH Best New Artist, the newly 23-year-old Yungblud tells MTV News correspondent Dometi Pongo that this new venture is almost here.

In fact, it's coming in the fall, he tells us, and he says it's inspired by the kinds of raucous but real coming-of-age tales you'd find on Skins . Or HBO's Euphoria . Or Netflix's Sex Education . .