Zac Efron Schools James Franco In The Art Of Hands-Free Masturbation: Watch

Zac Efron Schools James Franco Art Hands Free Masturbation

Don’t freak out, but Zac Efron sat down for an interview with James Franco, where he revealed that he had already 'pleasured' himself 17 times that day.

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Say whaaaaaaaat?!

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Okay, so the 27-year-old Neighbors star isn’t a real-life Don Jon . The video is actually promoting an upcoming film titled The Interview , in which Franco plays fictional tabloid TV host, Dave Skylark.

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And of course, since this is Zac Efron and James Franco, things continue to get even more risqué from there as Efron boasts about doing the deed hands-free -- even while driving.

I can drive with my hands and masturbate with my knees,' he explains, giving us a new meaning to the phrase joy ride. At least the car is automatic?

Efron then proceeds to demonstrate with his legs crossed in the air.

dwayne johnson está tomando esteróides

If you're just joining us, Zac Efron is masturbating with no hands and is about to climax, Franco/Dave tells us. Whoa nelly.

You may think when Efron compares this talent to shooting Spider-Man’s web that he has a bit of a problem. But The Middle East has problems,' he quips. 'I have a solution.'

The Interview, also starring Seth Rogen, opens December 25.